Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Set Design Research

Alan Bower: This set is in a immerse theater and it represents an old shoe makers house, were there is a man which is making a shoe for his customer and getting a hand from his wife which is in the right side of the set.

Citation of the Image: 2002

Andrew Hammer: This set is in a four wall theater and the set is a elegant church where there is a women and man that got married.

Citation of the Image: http://www.members.tripod.com/andrewhammer/preludekiss.htm

This set is in a Stage Intimary Thrust and the set is a band room where there is a band practicing and there are dancers of the band which are dancing.

Citation of the Image: http://www.aprilsoroko.com/

This set is in Stage Intimary Thrust theater where there is a play set being prepared for a play.

Citation of the Image: http://www.digitalsetdesign.com/research

This is a Stage Intimary Thrust theater and it is getting ready to show a play to the audience.

Citation of the Image: http://www.fredmeller.co.uk/othello.html

This is a sketch design of a Proscenium-traditional theater set which maybe is being prepared for a show.

Citation of the Image: http://leonardharman.com/THEATRE/joseph1.htm

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