Thursday, August 24, 2017

New Spain Paragraph Reflection #1

One of the most significant reasons that motivated the Spanish to conquer and colonize the Americas is to spread and teach their beliefs regarding christianity. In Christopher Columbus' journal that he wrote in on his first voyage, he says that the indians should be converted to christianity and learn about god. Also, during the large spread of Islam by the muslims, the spanish started the Crusades and the reconquista in order to stop the muslims and re conquer the Holy Lands. The Spanish also did not let the Native Americans practice previous cultural traditions so that they could be converted to Christianity and focus on that only.

1.) I think that something that I did well in this paragraph, was that I wrote a clear claim that is easy to understand and shows exactly what I will talk about in the rest of the paragraph. Also, I think that all 3 pieces of evidence that I chose supports and is relevant to my claim.

2.) Something that I think I can improve is to try and be more straight to the point, and try to eliminate some fluff that is not necessary in the paragraph. Also, I could improve the amount of detail that goes in to my evidence, so that I am not only stating events that occurred, but specific factors from those events that support my claim better.

3.) I think that overall, I would give myself a 4 or 5 for my paragraph. I think that I sufficiently met the criteria by stating what motivated the spanish to conquer, and then my three pieces of evidence.

4.) I think that giving feedback to other people's paragraphs and analyzing what they did well and what they can improve will really help me improve my own writing. By looking at other people's mistakes, I can see those same mistakes in my own paragraph.

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