Friday, December 6, 2013

"Nelson Mandela" Class Scribe Block 1

Our Class Agenda for today:

Today we started class with a really sad news about Nelson Mandela's death yesterday. R.I.P Nelson Mandela. We all know he was a great man and like a hero and will miss him a lot. Because of this, we  changed our subject and did a Do Now about him.

Changing subject, for our normal Do Now, today we had to watch a video about Mandela published by New york Times and then answered questions about Nelson:

Video for "Do Now" - Nelson Mandela

Photo of "Do Now" (Jack M's Page)

After watching or completing the Do Now, we shared out in class new things that we learned about Mandela after watching this video that showed us from start to end.

Next, Ms. V told us that we were going to revise a story from another person to really check how your story is and is very important for every student to do their best to critique the story with the list and more skills.

Revising List for Partner

At the end of the revising time, we met up with our partners that revised our story to know what was their opinions about everything and showed us all of the list to see what we should improve more or what we are great on. They should us how they would evaluate your story and then we when back to our desks to prepare for the end of class!




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