Monday, December 9, 2013

"Final Historical Fiction Story!" Class Scribe (JP) - Block 1

Our class agenda for today:                                                                         

           Learning Targets

Today we started with our regular "Do Now" but this time, it was different. In the instructions, we were asked to do a blog post reflecting about your Historical fiction Story using questions to answer about your thinking on your story. This really helped you guide yourself to know your strengths and weaknesses about your writing.

Picture of "Do Now"

Blog Post Reflection (Jack M.)

Next, we got a paper that was our "STATION PASSPORT" where everyone wrote their order of preference to help them correct their story with struggles and errors they might have. We all put our post it note that had our name on a board to show where we were going each time. Finally, we went to our first preference editing stations and then read articles that gave you information about the subject.
Station Passport (List)

After having 15 minutes of going to stations, Ms V told us that since we were going to have a test tomorrow, she was going to give us time to study about words that we have studied. We flipped our paper and drew a smiley face and delta sign which was to write the words you need help on or are good at. Finally, we took our flash cards and shared the words with another person asking them for the meaning to check if you knew the word well or need to study more.

Words that need improvement or know well (JP)

At the end, we had time to create our own study guide to prepare for the test! We opened a doc called "Apartheid Exam Study Guide" and then had time to to answer questions using resources like Brain Pop, quiz let... or checking quiz let to see if you know definitions of important words in the unit correctly. The purpose of this was to help you know what you need to study and how well you are doing with this subject. We hope to have great results!

Study Guide

But before you go, YOUR HOMEWORK!

The END!

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