Thursday, October 31, 2013

What we are learning in Humanities class

Today in humanities our learning targets for today is I can explain what APARTHEID is. And our second learning target is I can write a factual summary without personal bias.    Our first thing on our agenda is that we studied on quizlet for memorizing our vocabulary.  Quizlet is an site to memorize vocabulary in an fun way.  After we finish studying quizlet we will learn what the apartheid laws.   The Now that we finished doing our apartheid laws. We are going to get our new literature books and our new literature circle discussion book groups that Ms.V chooses. And now Ms.V is showing us our homework and our literature circle homework. Now Ms.V is asking students what they predict the book is going to be about.  After we did that Ms.V makes us read the back of the book.  As we are reading the book "Out of Bounds" we have to summarize it after we are finishing our assigned readings.   Now Ms.V assigned the chapter called The dare in 1948 for tomorrow for our literature circle.  Ms.V is now reading some pages to help us summarize better.   Now Ms.V is making us do clarifying questions for  homework and the summary.
Apartheid laws are.

  •  Prohibition of mixed marriages act
  • immorality amendment act
  • population registration act 
  • Group Areas Act
  • Suppression of Communism Act
  • Bantu Building Workers Act
  • Separate Representation of Voters Act
  • Prevention of Illegal Squatting Act
  • Bantu Authorities Act,
  • Natives Laws Amendment Act
  • Natives Act, Act No 67 of 1952
  • Native Labour
  • Bantu Education Act
  • Reservation of Separate Amenities Act

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  1. Kate, I really like your post on how you listed the orders of the things we did today. Also, it had specific evidence and listed all of the informations. Some things you can improve on are trying not to use "and now Ms.V is..." because I saw it in your post in almost every sentence and the readers might get bored if you are saying it too much. Also, you can put the author's name for the book "Out of Bounds'" author, Beverly Naidoo for the credits of the book. Overall, I think your post is awesome!