Monday, October 28, 2013

4th day of learning about the Soweto Uprising

Monday, October 28th, we had our 4th day of learning about the Soweto uprising. We started our day off like always, we did a Do-now helping us review the things that happened in the Soweto Uprising. I think that it was good we did that because it helps our mind review everything we have been doing. I don't know about you, but after a weekend I forget a lot of things.

Do-Now done by Claudia Nanez

Our class agenda is:
-Perspectives on Soweto
-add to poplet in green
-what is aparetheid

Learning targets:
I can write a factual summary without personal bia about texts about the Soweto uprising
-I can analyze the limits+values of different perspectives of Soweto



The second thing that we did was that we jumped back to the intro Author's Perspective Packet and the reading packet about the Soweto Uprising. We read about Murphy Morobe a student that was present in the Soweto Uprising. We reflected on it and put on the thinking hat to discuss about about it. Later we talked about Janet Goldblatt, a white girl, who dad was killed because he was white and was passing through the protests. Then  we talked about a student who was part of the peaceful group called Dan Monstisi.
Ms.V reading/talking to the text
Made By Gian Salles
Gabe finding evidence

Later we kept on working in our poplets. We added new things that we learned in class, we also added question to it. For Homework we had to finish it up. But if you did it already you don't have to do it for homework.

By Joey
Class Scribe 25-27

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