Monday, March 23, 2015

class scribe- march 23 2015

Today we started our do now which talked about different clothes companies such as American Apparel TM and Offshore Apparel TM.  We also talked about why the prices were higher in American Apparel TM than in Offshore Apparel TM and why they cost more in American Apparel TM. After the we passed out this paper which had a chart labeled, "Noticings" and "Wanderings" there were pictures spread around the room that we observed.    

 Then we wrote about what we noticed and what we wondered. After that we all came back to our desks and talked to your peers about what we had written. Then ms V Told us to think about what was the most important thing we wrote in our papers and what we thought about it. We received a paper that talked about clothes and where it came from. The text said that 40% of all clothes are manufactured in China, 8% in Vietnam, 6% India, 3% in Cambodia, 3% in Pakistan, 6% in Bangladesh, 5% in Indonesia, 5% in Mexico, 3% in El Salvador, and 3% in Honduras.
 Some of us even looked back to the pictures that we had seen before to get extra info. Then ms V told us to underline the most important word or phrase in this this text. We debated what was the most important word or phrase. After we finished our conversation we worked on our triangle fire draft 3 and after a couple of minutes class was over. No Homework have a nice day, Matt Ro            

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