Friday, August 1, 2014

Second Day of School: 2014

Written by: Ms. Vallillo, acting as class scribe.

Today's Big Learning Targets:  I can effectively and actively participate in our class community.
                                                      I can develop a growth mindset.
Supporting Learning Targets:  I can work by myself and with a partner professionally.
                                                     I can enter and exit the room professionally.
                                                     I can describe and act on what respect looks like in our class 

Today was the second day of school in sixth grade humanities class.  Our focus today was the discussion of two concepts that are extremely important to our year: respect and malleable intelligence. 

Our agenda today included:
- Do Now: A recap of what we learned on day one
- What is respect?
- Chalk Talk

For homework we have to complete the part of the Chalk Talk recording form that says "This is interesting because ..."  Additionally, on Monday we need to start bringing to class our computer, our charger, and our adapter. 

Students came in before class started and immediately got to work today.  They began working on the do now, which asked them to recall what it looks like to enter and exit the classroom professionally and how to ask to use the bathroom. 

Sebastian and Nina developing a respect list.  
Next, we began a discussion about what respect will look like and sound like in our class.  There is a statistic that states: sports teams are 60% more likely to win a home game than an away game.  Students explained that this was because at a home game, the team has many fans cheering for them and at an away game the team is booed.  In our class, we want to feel like we are at a home game because we want to feel supported as we grow and develop this year.  This is why respect is so important to our class culture and community.  Together, students developed a list of what is respectful and what is not respectful in our community, and we agreed to adhere to those norms.

Jay and Felipe chalk talking.
Finally, we participated in a Chalk Talk, an activity where we are discussing quotes and ideas but the discussion is completely silent and recorded on posters around the room.  This discussion included quotations such as "People are born smart, dumb or average" and "The harder you work, the smarter you will get."  Students had to write whether they disagreed or agreed with the quote and explain why.  They also had to read and respond to the statements of their classmates.  This activity will lead to a reading about developing a growth mindset and a discussion about what exactly is malleable intelligence

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