Tuesday, March 11, 2014

class scribe

1. We started out our class with our do now. We started writing about what we did during carnival. and then we spoke to the partner next to us about what we wrote. and then ms v asked us about it.  Normally what we do in the morning is that we do a quiz about the chapters we read but we do that on tuesdays and fridays. For example tomorrow we have literature circle and the quiz on the chapters we read. So we all have to read city of ember.

2. After that we started getting in to our new vocabulary words on Quizlet. It is a site that we study the words of the specific book we are reading. the book we are reading is the city of ember.

3. After that we started matching pictures to words. we do this so that the teacher knows that we understand the word so well that we can see it visually. (Our knowledge of the words).

4. After that we moved on to vocabulary tracker to check if we got the answer of the pictures right.  Because in the last activity we had to find out what the pictures meant and were and why the were that.

5. After that We moved on to this activity that we need to write a sentence with the vocabulary words we are working on and then we checked it with our partner next to me.

6. We moved on to quiz quiz trade which is a activity  were we ask a word to some one and they try to answer it

7.After that she told us our homework and our home work is to finish the city of ember.

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