Thursday, February 13, 2014

Today's Humanities Class

Humanities Classby Gian

February 13, 2014

        Today, I started off reading the Learning Target and the Agenda, which was different from February 12.
Our Learning Target.

Our Agenda.

        But as a class, we started off with our Do Now. We needed to make three inferences on specific pages of the book "The City of Ember". After time was up, we shared our inferences with our partner. Then we shared our answers as a whole class, just so we could review inferences a little bit.
Our Do Now

Maya doing the Do Now

Je and Maya sharing their answers.

        We then transitioned for the next class's step, by reading the learning target out loud. We cleared our desks and Ms. Vallillo told us that, with the pictures on the front of our desks, we needed to find what word is for each picture, by using Quizlet in one person's computer. We used my computer and we came up with all of the definitions. This was to make us practice for the Vocabulary Quiz
Pictures in my desk.

Using Quizlet and matching the words.

Je is very excited!

Look what we ended up with!

        Then Ms. Vallillo introduce us the Vocabulary Tracker. We were doing this because there is a  Vocabulary Quiz which we will do on Friday, or tomorrow, Februrary 14. We were supposed to make a dot next to the words we were not sure of the description yet. After that, we pronounced, as a class, all  of the words. We seperated the words by syllables and sounds.
My Vocabulary Tracker after I've wrote the syllables of each word.

My Vocabulary Tracker before annotations.
Ms. Vallillo writing the syllables with the class.

 For each word, we explained what picture on the table represented that specific word. We then cleaned our tables and we got our Do Now on the back page and our Tracker. We needed to finish the sentence using because. For example: the endeavor was to...because...
The back side of the Do Now and the Vocabulary Tracker.

        After that, we shared our answers with our partners. We checked if our answers made sense. After that we went walking around the class sharing our words in a piece of paper. Mine was scarcity. We needed to make a smily face or a sad face if we knew or didn't knew the definition of the word. Then we did a two questions reflection, Ms. Vallillo announced our homework, which was to practice the vocab words for quiz and to read City of Ember. After that, Humanities was over!
Our Homework.

Humanities is over!


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