Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 29

Today we started of our class doing a Do Now. Next Ms.Vallillo explained for us what we needed to do and we didn't take one minute to start it. We worked with our groups to finish our products and then we presented our chants to earn HUMBUCKS. We are all enjoying this experience (to have a company). Later on, we got 100 HUMBUCKS each so we could buy each others product. The product commercials were very good . Today was a fun day with lot's of learning.
Anna Clara working very hard on her Do Now.

The Do Now

Juan is enjoying

Maya calculating the total price
Matheus deciding what he is going to buy
What is Gian buying?
How much is Joe spending?
Today is so fun even Joey is working
Joey and Gabe are loving it
I'm loving Humanities Class
 "Silver genius is the best"
Maya's in love with her product
Matheus is just so happy to be in class

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