Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Class Today-Class Scribe (Alyssa(

This is the class Agenda of the day:

We started off with a Do Now, by reading an Article about Nelson Mandela and answering some questions at the bottom:

After that, we checked our answers and started learning about Apartheid Resistance. But before that, we wrote on the  back of the Do Now what we already knew about Apartheid Resistance:

Then, we learned about Apartheid resistance. It worked like this: Ms.Vallillo made a groups of three, and each person in the group read a different article. Alone, each person wrote a summary of the article. After a certain time, the group came together, each reading and explaining their summary:

We then did a mini workshop about Thoughts and Feelings. Before class started, Ms. Vallillo read each person's beginning of their story, and commented on them. Also, she gave it a grade, and some feedback on what you did well and what you need to improve on on a sheet. On that same sheet, there were somethings we needed to fill out:

RIght after we finished filling out that sheet, we opened our laptops and revised our beginning, according to the feedback that we got.

This is a picture of the class working:

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