Thursday, December 5, 2013

Class Scribe

                  Today in class as always we started out with our do now. The do now normally asks us question or tells us what to do. In this do now there was a rubric and in that rubric is about a historical fiction story of apartheid and the learning target of our so now "I can accurately recount the events of the Soweto uprising within the context of apartheid" It made us summarize the learning target and what we have to do to get a 4.

After that we opened a document called research questions  and in that document we had to ask questions to a man called Ocki Fernandez a man that was in Africa during apartheid. we are going to ask him questions  about apartheid to see if our historical fiction stories have things that actually have to do with apartheid.

After that we read the learning target in our do now with the entire class with the class we changed words to words we can understand better. We also checked the other parts of the do now.

After that Ocki Fernandez cam to class and answered all our questions. He also showed us the pass book.  He showed us all the different parties after Mandela was elected president. 

Then we started working on our historical fiction story with all the accurate information he gave us. We had to fix many things.

After that she told us our homework which is the most important part.

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