Friday, September 13, 2013

Literature Circle Video Analysis

Post by Ms. Vallillo (acting as Official Scribe)

Learning Targets for today's class:
I can participate in high-quality, text-based discussions.
I can use relevant and specific evidence to support my claims.

Overview of the Day:
Students are analyzing their performance in literature circles by annotating a video of their last discussion.  To do this, they refer to the Literature Circle Rubric and highlight moments in the recording when one or more members of their group used evidence from the text to support their claims, asked a question that fueled discussion, or exhibited other exemplary analysis.  

Literature Circle Rubric:

Students got into their groups and used imovie to:
- Cut out "dead air"
- Check the videos followed LARK
- Identify segments of discussion
- Highlight and annotate where they did something that is part of a high-quality, text-based discussion
- Highlight and annotate where they exhibited good discussion behavior
- Add constructive criticism

Here are some things overheard:
"Do you think this is an example of using evidence from the text?"
"Should we cut this?"
"There is 21 seconds of dead air here!"
"Let's insert a transition."
"We need to cut this part out."
"That's a quotation - let's add that in."
"There is a lot about our video that is not perfect!"
"How do you take the background noise out?"

This is the checklist students used that helped guide their video analysis: 

Here is the Rubric we will use to self-reflect and evaluate our Video Analysis:

Students will continue this work in our next few classes and follow up with a blog post in which they embed the video.

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