Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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We started with our do now which was about the sound devices on the Lorax. We had to identify the voice devices on a piece of text from the poem.
  1. do now
  2. peer check-in
  3. mystery time
  4. image analysis
  5. close read #2
  6. debrief
  7. boys without names
 After we finished our Do Now, we shared our thoughts that were written in the Do Now.We shared our answers based on questions, numbers 1,3 and 4.
After we were done with the Do Now, we opened our computers and headed out to our 15 line poem.
We had to comment on two questions.
  • Where did you make a choice?
  • Where did you take a risk
 We had to comment on our poem and base the answers on these two questions. And then we found a partner to share a couple of lines or more, based on those questions. Each of us had tell a choice and a risk and what specific part did they choose. Then we reviewed our learning targets and then we passed straight through our schedule. After that, we had a mystery piece and image analysis. On the mystery activity, we had four status numbers and the year that it happened. Our task was to figure out what was the topic behind these status. And then we had to guess the topic behind this status.And then we saw a picture of a farm, and large amounts of agriculture. And then we started a discussion on this image and we also asked a lot questions that will help us with our study on Industrialization. And then, we were going to get prepared on a close read based on pre-industrial society. Because it was a text with a lot of details and that would defenetly that would help us with our questions on the image analysis. One of our core values that shows the importance of reading this close read which are persevearence and curiosity. The close read talks about the industrial revolution and how the United States became a huge industrial country. It also talks about the places that mass produced goods in industrial farms.

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